The Great Alpine Contest

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It’s been three years since under the shelter of Rolls-Royce Limited were issued through the Alps 47 Silver Ghost to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous “Alpine Motor Contest”. Here in 1913 Rolls-Royce proved how extraordinary car is the Silver Ghost.

To start in the Alpine Trials contest meant to overcome hilly slopes alpine passes and handle the steep hillside to the valley. That’s all on gravel roads, which often consisted a very difficult terrain. The race was one of the toughest tests for cars. The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost driven by James Radley was participated at the race in 1912, but without a significant success. It came the following year, where the Rolls-Royce factory team entered along with a fourth car in a private hands of James Radley.

How at the 1,820 miles long race the Silver Ghost dominated was also demonstrated by a winning the prestigious trophy of Archduke Leopold Salvatore (who was born in Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic) or the fact that on the stage from Innsbruck they overtook even the timekeepers car that started more than one hour before.

This important Anniversary the Rolls-Royce remind three years ago when arranged The 2013 Centenary Alpine Trial, where during 16 days the entrants managed a distance of over 1800 miles.

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