About us

Company introduction

AVC of Prague is known as one of the leading dealers of classic cars and vintage sports and race cars in Europe. The company offers professional and bespoke services to the clients worldwide including delivery. The primary activity of the AVC is purchase and sale and professional counselling to all buyers interested in purchasing or selling classic cars.

Ivo Smutny


“We love what we do and the company team works on various projects, goals and missions to ensure a sustained growth.”

M a k i n g  M o v i e s

We believe you all like to see these magnificent cars in motion as we do. That’s the reason for our favourite activity – making movies. Together with our talented film director, we’re trying to raise the bar and make the movies always better. Choosing the right location with less traffic is a discerning job, it’s not an easy task, but here in wonderful countryside of the Czech Republic it’s a pleasure! Check out our Video section!

Original parts sales and parts locator service

Within the years we have become to be famous for locating rare and virtually unobtainable spare parts, like instruments, body, chassis and engine parts, colour samplers, for various vintage cars as we have a great source and contacts especially in France and the UK. Are you missing your original gauges or correct period equipment? Do not hesitate to contact us with an inquiry.

Restoration and restoration supervision

We love restoring cars to correct period specification. Here are some examples of cars we have restored in the past: 1950 Talbot Lago GS, 1921 Hispano Suiza H6 by Duvivier,  1935 Maserati 4CM, 1922 Austro Daimler AD6 by Köllensperger, 1920 Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle by Grosvenor, Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII, etc…
Besides our in-house restoration we’ve been supervising a restoration of such a cars as Avions Voisin V12, Delahaye 135 by Figoni & Falaschi, Hispano Suiza H6C by Vanvooren, Bugatti T46 by Vanden Plas, and other interesting projects.

Exhibitions, rallies  and vintage racing

We love travel. Especially driving classic cars to some of great events held all around the world. AVC is proud to the results reached in the past and is looking forward to the future. Are you interested to enter one of your cars in the events like the concours d’elegance, rallies or vintage racing? We can help and advise you how to do it and arrange all that is necessary.

Our team

Ivo Smutny

Ivo Smutný

Founder and CEO

Ivo, born in 1973 in Prague, Ivo has always been fascinated by all means of transportation especially in automobiles and the airplanes and after high school he joined the ČSL as an airline representative and in 1993 starts his own business in 4WD cars and their accessories, and co-founds an Adventure travel agency.

In 2001 he became a professional airline pilot working for ČSA and later for the Travel Service. He began to build his own collection of classic cars with Ferrari 1977 and Porsche 1979, followed by the true vintage cars such as Austro Daimler, Hispano Suiza, Praga, Rolls-Royce, Laurin & Klement, Delage, Bugatti, and others. Today he devotes himself mostly in classic automobiles of early post-war and pre-war era and vintage racing.

Jaroslav Vrabec

Jaroslav Vrabec

Sales and operations manager

Jaroslav, born in 1990 in Varnsdorf he lived very close to the famous Hielle-Villa and when walking every day in his school age around the beautiful gardens of the villa he had no clue he will later become so familiar with connection of this charming place and their owners with the patron Ettore Bugatti himself!

Jaroslav has been always interested in cars since very young age and has a extensive knowledge of classic cars in very wide range.

Before joining our company Jaroslav worked in the position of Manager of print advertising by Prague based media group where he, among other things, was in charge of special supplements of the E15 newspaper and advocated for the inclusion of topics about veteran cars and other investment specials. He became part of AVC in 2014.

David Smutny

David Smutný

Parts sales manager

David, born in 2004 in Prague grew up with vintage machinery joining his father Ivo in all respects since very early age. David likes all sort of classic cars, from even formal cars of the 1920’s to the racing cars of the modern era. He has a very good knowledge in wide range of collector cars. He will take care of your parts inquiries but you have to give him some time for processing your order because he is still attending the high school.