Sixteen & Seventeen EX

Rolls Royce Ex10 Ex17 05

In the 20s of the last century, on impulse of Henry Royce, who was slightly disappointed by the performance of “New Phantom”, started a project to develop unique experimental RR.

The young engineer Ivan F. Evernden, who designed modern and lightweight “Open Sports Tourer” bodywork, took to project over. Phantom with this body style supposed to improve the performance and maximum speed of the car against the comfort of the passengers. After the several tests at the Brooklands, the car reached an average speed of ½ miles at 91.2mph instead of the original 78.3 mph.

Over the years 1925 – 1929 has been created 10EX (by Barker), 15EX (by Hooper), 16EX (by Barker) and 17EX (by Jarvis & Sons). The 10EX was the original test model and that’s why was for a long time owned by Rolls-Royce. 15EX was sold in England and after the accident was rebodied into a limousine by Hooper. 16EX was sold as new in London and 17EX to India for the Maharaja of Kashmir

Two of those exceptional cars (16EX and 17 EX) are at our company. So have a look.

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