Concours d’Elegance “Masterpiece & Style”

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Today starts in the West of Germany the Concours d’Elegance “Masterpiece & Style”. In the large park of Dyck Castle (whose roots are dated back to the year 1094) will be exposed by 69 exhibits, including our Farman A6B Coupe de Ville by Million Guiet and Delahaye 135MS with stunning design from the pen of Marcel Pourtout.

Everything indicates that the “Masterpiece & Style” will be a very interesting, first class event. It is rather a meeting of collectors than a conventional exhibition, like for example Concours d’Elegance Balatonfüred, at which we attended last month.
The list of registered cars is really diverse and there are represented by brands such as Minerva, Talbot, Delahaye, Issota Fraschini and of course Farman. The jury is composed by mainly of experts in history and design, who arrived from all over Europe and the USA.

Very rare and unique cars, the weather and beautiful environment of the Dyck Castle, creates a wonderful atmosphere for a pleasant weekend. The exhibition includes a rich program, where you can visit the museum, a private collection of art or attending a stylish rally. You can have a look at our FB of Instagram, if it will be possible, we’ll post some photos and over the next week even a short report.

Foto Schloss Dyck

Recently, we have also included on our services the consultation to participate in those events.