Report from “Masterpieces & Style”

Schloss Dyck

The Classic Days at the Dyck Castle are fairly known by the classic cars enthusiasts. However, only few of them know that there is also organized another event called “Masterpieces & Style”, which is one of the most secretive classic car concours.

From the 23rd to 25th of June was in the west of Germany near Dusseldorf held the exceptional Concours d’Elegance. At the castle from the 11th century and in its immediate vicinity were more than 70 carefully selected vehicles, 22 judges and the small number of experts and enthusiasts of classic cars. This was only the second year of this event its aim was to organize a relaxed and closed exhibition, where the collectors and car owners would have a space for the mutual conversation and time to switch off and enjoy the event. After the first year, which was completely closed to the public, this year were in sale few tickets even for the visitors who are interested in classic cars. This mysterious and original idea remained well-preserved. In the whole area was forbidden to take the pictures, but due to the server “”, which was the media partner of the event and our phone, we achieved to get several photos.

Schloss Dyck 09

We arrived on Thursday at the midday and until the late afternoon we were waiting for the last element of our team – the driver who drove the precious cargo from Prague. The weather was almost perfect at that time and after imposing the cars under the tent, we had a look around the park. Friday and Saturday were very well organized. The whole event was calm and we had a space for a bit of entertainment and chat with the other participants and at the end the presentation of our cars at the front of the jury. The weather on Saturday and Sunday wasn’t as nice as on Thursday, it was raining nearly all the time, but neither the weather nor the soggy grass which imprisoned Farman, didn’t spoil our mood and the pleasant impression of the event at all.

The entry list was truly exceptional. You could see many unique cars such as Issota Fraschini 8A SS, Hispano-Suiza by Hibbard & Darin, several rare Mercedes, racing Lagoda and many others. The international jury didn’t have certainly a simple job. After dividing into small groups, the verdict was: The main award “The best of show” got very rare Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK with the unusual body by Corsica. Reportedly it supposed to be also the first make SSK. Another considerable award “The World’s most pristine Masterpieces” from the Schloss Dyck won the Bugatti T50 ‘Le Mans. This original T50 from the factory racing team, which though was in perfect condition, never have been restorated. The third major price got Jaguar E-type for the superb renovation.

Our cars excessed also very well. Delahaye 135MS by Pourtout achieved “Beautiful Style of 40s”, Farman A6B by Million Guiet “Inovation in Construction” and as a team we won the prestigious award “The World Collector 2016”.