Our experiences of the race 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia

08 5

As we had already informed you, last week we had spent 3 sunny days with our Austrodaimler AD6-17 at a great event 1000 Czechoslovak miles.

We had started our adventure with the other 117 participants on Thursday 12 August in the morning from Prague to Bratislava and back to Prague. On Sunday, the winners of this famous event where announced behind the National Technical Museum in Prague.

The race wasn’t a run at the maximum speed, as it passed in the history, but as a regular race and the task of the competitors was to get as close as possible to the average speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

We drove through a beautiful landscape, we stopped at the several castles and the picturesque cities.

We are excited about the whole event and we are already looking forward to the next year and we hope that we will also meet you there.

Have a look for the photo report bellow!