New testimonial

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Hello, my name is Thierry Plojoux and I am very happy I have found this Hispano Suiza with the help of Ivo Smutny and his AVC Company.
I have been looking for such a car for a long time. I own a boat after Mark Birkigt, it is a beautiful sailboat I sail every year and I was curious about how the Hispano Suiza car is driving. So I have searched for this car and finally found this beautiful Hispano thanks to Ivo. There is also one interesting fact – my grandfather was coachbuilder George Gangloff, who coachbuilt lot of vehicles including Hispano Suizas. So I knew many photos of such a cars already in childhood. Once again I would like to thank to Ivo and AVC for a help with this project, for a car that meets my dreams and which I will enjoy to drive for a long years I hope.