III. Concours d’Elegance Balatonfüred

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Today at 11:00 began the third annual Concours d’Elegance Balatonfüred. Exhibition at the shores of Lake Balaton is also a part of the opening sailing season celebrations. Our company AVC had brought the Farman A6B with the Million Guiet bodywork from 1925 that is one of the last five surviving cars.

After yesterday’s arrival, when we were welcome by the pleasant weather, today was overcast and raining since the morning. We hope for the better conditions in the afternoon even despite the rain, the event has a pleasant atmosphere and organizationally is a interesting surprise, everything is calm, stress-free and sometimes without any complications. Around 50 exhibits were participating and the 200 years old complex Anna Grand hotel with the beautiful park and the lake Balaton was perfect place for this event.

Over the weekend we will post on our Instagram and Facebook more interesting photos. So have a look…