Herbert Engineering


The H.E. (Herbert Engineering) was a short – lived British Car Company in Caversham produced high quality of fast tourers introduced just after WWl. The HEs were reliable with the lusty performance and some sporting bodywork with the price very similar to the Sport Bentleys of that time. They were made during the years 1919 and 1931 and offered the variety of styles and engine.

The first HE cars, designed by the engineer Roland Sully, had four cylinder side-valve engines with separate four-speed gearboxes and an overhead worm-drive rear axle, made up to 1928, when they changed to 6 cylinders and later on HE. The production of this six-cylinder engine was no longer possible as the sales sunk so low and they closed in 1931.

The HE with the short chassis 16/60 HP sport model with the triple carbs and the close ration gearbox produced in 1929, made it good for the 80mph. It is believed that only three such a Sport models have been made out of total 61 six-cylinder 2.3 liter cars.

We were so lucky to get this rare model and bring it to Czech Republic. The HE is only short chassis 16/60 HP left and has known history since the 1950s. It is really fantastic car.