1969 SAAB 96 (V4)

Year 1969
Body Coupé
Engine 1.498 cc
Price POR

The Saab 96 was a model manufactured by Saab from 1960 until January 1980. During these twenty years, more than 540,000 cars of all versions were produced. The cars became famous in rally races. The roots of the 96 model go back to the car marked 92 from 1945, which was designed in connection with the Saab Group’s efforts to expand its production activities in the aviation industry from 1950 to 1956. Thanks to this, the car received an aerodynamic body. Saab 96, which inherited a similar body from its predecessors on which only the rear window was changed. The car received a new two-stroke three-cylinder (841 cm³) with an output of 38 horsepower. The maximum speed reached famous 125 km / h. We offer for sale this Saab 96 (V4). This is the last of the “round” SAABs and a car holding a speed record for cars with a standard body and an engine up to 750 cc. Saab 96 (V4) is the last of the “aerodynamic” Saab automobiles which is holding the land speed record for stock body production cars with 750 cc engines.

This car #96552066 is in a good condition with a lovely patina and had just three owners since new. Over the past 25 years it’s been permanently garaged and the price includes also the owner’s manual and the spare parts from the second Saab 96.

The car is located in our showroom and in case of interest or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.