Year 1928
Body Limousine
Engine 6-cylinder, 2326 cc
Price POR

When Voisin started to producing automobiles, it was immediately obvious that the airplane industry had effects on his design. They were unique, lightweight, aerodynamic and often with exotic materials and technologically advanced mechanical components. His brother passed away in an automobile accident, that the reason why the Voisin automobiles were made with a high degree of safety in an effort to avoid any future tragedies.

After a series of models with four-cylinder engines, Voisin finally decided in 1927 to add a six-cylinder model in its catalogue. It was the C11, on-line sleeve valves 6-cylinders of displacement 2.326 cc and power 66CV.

The C11 is an automobile of the great prestige with beautiful and inimitable Art Deco style.

The car is located in our showroom and in case of interest or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.