Year 1923
Body Open Tourer
Engine 2.117 cc
Price 18.500€

The French company Delage was one of the most exclusive cars manufacturer. It is estimated that between 1905 and 1935, around 35.000 Delage cars were produced. These cars have achieved numerous victories in motorsport and the brand has gained a great reputation. Delage cars took part in famous Grand Prix racing, Indianapolis 500 and they held several world land speed records.

1920’s was the true golden age for Delage. At that time,model DE was the most popular of the marque. It was equiped with 4-cylinder OHV engine with capacity of 2.117 cm3. Delage DE was introduced in 1921 as a smaller automobile built with same quality as big Delages offering pleasent driving characteristics and decent acceleration.

Our Delage DE was built in 1923 and chassis #12933 still bears its original factory open tourer body. The car is complete and the engine is turning. It is solid restoration project, which needs just some manhours.

Please note, that we can provide a virtual inspection and help to deliver the car worldwide.