Year 1950
Body Coupé
Engine 4.455 cm³ | OHV
Price Please ask

This chassis #815.042 is one of the legends of Rallye Monte-Carlo. This top-of-the line Delahaye 175s built in 1950 to the order of well-known racing driver Jean Trevoux. In 1950 Mr. Trevoux decided to enter 1951 Rallye Monte-Carlo with the highest ambitions. He sent very expensive custom made chassis of Delahaye 175s to Carrozzeria Motto in Torino to be fitted with light and very stylish aluminium coupé body.

It was also fitted with ex Le Mans racing engine supplied by Delahaye factory and was ready at the end of 1950 in just few months. Jean Trevoux and Roger Crovetto entered 1951 Rallye Monte-Carlo with number 277 and it was huge success as they took overall victory at this major event.

Later in 1951 this Delahaye was fitted with auxiliary long-range tank and shipped to Mexico, to be raced at second edition of Carrera Panamericana. Behind the wheel with famous racing driver and good friend of Jean Trevoux, Mr. Louis Chiron. Unfortunately Chiron with his co driver Mariotti was disqualified after 3rd. leg for a delay of three minutes at the start of the Puebla-Mexico stage.

Running sweetly, driving nicely and ready to use. Please note, that we can provide a virtual inspection and help to deliver the car worldwide.