Year 1937
Body Cabriolet
Engine 2.729 cc
Price POA

Delage was a French luxury automobile and racing car company founded in 1905 by Louis Delage in Levallois-Perret near Paris. They produced some of the history’s fastest race cars and the first V12 racing engine. Only Delage and Mercedes-Benz produced cars that dominated in Grand Prix racing, won the Indianapolis 500 and held the World Land Speed Record.

Model D6 was introduced in 1930. Seven years later came its evolutionary version, the D6-70. Modern and lightweight chassis, with alive and responsive 2.729cc in-line six cylinder, electromagnetic gearbox and hydraulic Bendix brakes made D6-70 a car with exceptional driveability.

This car chassis #51274 with a body called „Dandy“, was designed by Henri Chapron and it’s known as one of the most attractive body every build on D6. The car is fully functional and in very good condition.